A local ex-con accused of stabbing another man was detained at gunpoint by a concealed handgun license holder before being arrested -- for the 29th time in Kerr County -- on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Police arrested Patrick Joseph Patton on Friday night shortly after the incident in which Patton allegedly had an argument at the Subway on Sidney Baker Street with Christopher Saldana before stabbing him.

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Mike Simmons

There is no such thing as a "CHL" (Concealed Handgun License). There IS an "LTC" (License to Carry). KDT should "check the facts" a bit better. Also, it might be helpful to give some context as to what difference it makes if the person had a license, or not. Does having an LTC (the proper terminology) give that person any more rights in this instance than any other citizen that does NOT have such a license? (Hint: A person does not have to have any kind of license to carry a handgun in his vehicle.) What is the relevance to the story of whether he had a license? This article is sloppy reporting.

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