When the need comes for better streets and better drainage, there also comes a need for budgeting. 

That’s the topic of discussion at tonight’s Kerrville City Council meeting.

The council looked at some pavement and drainage plans, consisting of various prioritized projects around the city, during a workshop on June 25. All of the projects involved would cost about $43 million, although the funds would not be spent all at once.

The council will talk about paying for the projects with the highest priorities by taking on up to, but no more than, $10.5 million in debt. About $2 million of that would go toward two drainage projects: a drainage channel at Take It Easy RV Resort and improving drainage around Lois Street. 

The remaining $8 million would go toward full-depth street reconstruction.

Tax rates in the city would remain unchanged.

Council Member Gary Cochrane, Place 1, said that he is in favor of taking on debt for fixing the streets.

“When we were campaigning through spring and talking to all the people and knocking on doors and attending all the forums, the one topic that came up over and over again was, ‘We’ve got to do something about our streets, our drainage,’” he said. “That was really hammered in for me.”

According to information from a survey the city staff conducted, 94 percent of Kerrville residents support issuing debt for streets, while 86 percent support issuing debt for drainage.

Also on tonight’s agenda is a resolution creating a town-gown compact between the city and Schreiner University and a second reading for creating a planned development district.

Council also will discuss changing codes to match a newly passed bill regarding fee schedules and residential building permits.

The meeting is today at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 701 Main St. There also is a specially called meeting at 4 p.m. in the same place, in which Council Member Delayne Sigerman, Place 4, will report on her homelessness research.

Council also will host a signing of the town-gown compact with Schreiner at 5:30 p.m.

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