Child Protective Service will be looking into whether two children are safe to remain at a home where police reported seizing methamphetamine.

Police went to the home in the 300 block of Ross Street about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday after reports of a disturbance there. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with a woman who reported that her ex-boyfriend, Cody Bates, came to her house and they began to argue. Bates left before officers arrived, but investigators from the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office found him nearby and placed him under arrest after reportedly finding him to be in possession of illegal drugs, including methamphetamine and two undisclosed substances in penalty group 3. 

The investigators arrived at the home to speak with the woman and obtained her consent to search the residence for other possible narcotics, said Sgt. Jonathan Lamb, Kerrville Police Department spokesman. 

In plain view in the woman’s bedroom on the nightstand, investigators found a clear baggy that contained a white crystal-like residue consistent with meth, Lamb said. The woman told investigators the side of the bed the baggy was found on was the side that Bates slept on.

“The substance in the baggy showed a presumptive positive reaction for the presence of methamphetamine,” Lamb said in an email. “It was taken as evidence.”

Two children were found inside the home and an office contacted a CPS caseworker who said the agency would open an investigation into the incident.

Bates, 26, was in the county jail Friday on bonds totaling $18,000 on two Class A misdemeanor drug possession charges and a state jail felony drug possession charge.

Bates was indicted this year on charges of credit card abuse and possession of meth. He has pre-trial hearings slated for later this year on those two felony charges. 

Bates was convicted in 2015 of delivering an illegal drug to a child and possessing less than 1 gram of meth. The sentences he received for these convictions weren’t immediately available.

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