Kerr County Animal Services has issued an “all points bulletin” for a cat or cats following the report of three different people being bitten on Wednesday all within a two-hour time period at the same apartment complex in Kerrville.

 On Sept. 11, KCAS received reports of three biting incidents at 600 Meadowview Lane where the Chimney Forest Apartments complex is located, according to KCAS Director Reagan Givens.

 A man was reportedly bitten on his leg and sustained scratches after he found himself too close to two stray cats that were fighting, Givens said. The biter was described to his officers as a black and brown cat with a short tail.

 A child was also reportedly attacked and bitten by a black cat that only ceased its attack when a man forcefully removed it from the child.

 And, the third biting incident reported in the two-hour period involved a man being bitten by what he described as a black kitten.

 Directly after each attack, the offending feline(s) ran toward the creek bed area behind the apartments and has yet to be captured, Given said. “We are also not certain if it was the same cat or different animals involved in the attacks,” he added.

 “We have received reports that there is a large colony of cats in the area, as a result of mass feeding by someone living in that area. So, there may well be multiple cats matching the descriptions given,” Givens said.

 “We would like to locate this stray cat or cats, whichever the case may be, so that our bite protocols can be followed for the health and safety of those who were already bitten,” Givens said. “Please, do not attempt to catch the cat as that may lead to another biting victim.”

 Kerr County Animal Services is proactively attempting to locate the cat by searching the area, but it is asking for the public’s assistance.

 “We would like to advise residents in the area to be vigilant and cautious if they encounter any stray cat. An abundance of caution is especially important at this time, since the county has experienced four cases of rabies in the Kerrville area over the past few weeks.”

 If anyone who lives in the area of 600 Meadowview Lane spots a black or a black and brown cat roaming in the area, possibly acting aggressively or abnormally, then they are asked to contact Kerr County Animal Services at 830-257-3100. If the sighting is after 5 p.m. or on the weekend, then call the Kerrville Police Department at 830-257-8181, so that the on-call officer can be dispatched.


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