Two families filed separate lawsuits Wednesday against the owner of a small airplane that crashed near Kerrville earlier this year, killing all six passengers aboard.

Jennifer Tellepsen, the widow of 45-year-old passenger Marc Tellepsen, filed suit in Harris County Probate Court on behalf of herself and the couple’s two minor children. Marc Tellepsen’s parents, Kathleen and Tom Tellepsen II, also filed suit.

The Tellepsen family cited airplane owner and pilot Jeffrey Carl Weiss as negligent and failing to properly operate his twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58, according to a press release.

Weiss, 65, who also died in the crash, was a chartered financial consultant in Houston with 42 years of piloting experience. The crash occurred 10 miles from its destination — the Kerrville airport — on April 22.

Richard Hall, an eyewitness, said he watched the plane sputter as it lost altitude.

“It fell right out of the sky,” he said at the scene back in April.

In addition, Stanton Welch filed a wrongful death suit against Weiss’ estate. Welch’s husband Mark Scioneaux, 58, was also killed in the crash.

According to the lawsuit filed by Houston attorneys Richard Mithoff and Warner Hocker, the surviving spouses and family members have suffered greatly by the loss of their loved ones and will continue to suffer with a loss of companionship and emotional pain.

“All the indications at the present time point toward onboard fuel issues, and we are looking at all potentially responsible parties, as well as any possible component part failures,” Mithoff said.

The others who were onboard the plane include Stuart Roben Kensinger, 55, Angela Webb Kensinger, 54, and Scott Reagan Miller, 55. All were residents of Houston.

The exact cause of the crash remains unknown and is still under investigation led by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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