Two men have been accused of drug offenses punishable by as much as life in prison. 

Joe Adrian Ramirez, 27, of San Antonio, and Cosme Armando Carrillo Jr., 22, of Kerrville, were arrested Monday and released the same day on bonds totaling $30,000 each.

The men’s drug-dealing charges are first-degree felonies due to the large amount of drugs they are accused of possessing. Kerrville police have accused them of possessing 55 vape cartridges containing tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, among other THC-containing products. 

Ramirez had not been arrested in Kerr County before, but Carrillo has been jailed four times since 2015 on charges including speeding, theft and violation of probation. 

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It is important to note that while illegal in Texas, THC vape cartridges are perfectly legal in several states. THC is not an addictive substance and carries no known health risks, but does have multiple documented medicinal benefits and is a prescribed medication by thousands of American Doctors.


This does not look like serious, heinous crime to me. What does look like serious heinous crime to me are the allegations against local rancher Eric Auld, of the old time Auld Ranching family. His case includes a most gruesome murder, 20 counts of child prorn and a host of other felonies. Where is the reporting on this case? I see where there is a new motion for Auld "to Forego Kerr County Halloween Roundup". Please don't tell me this guy is trying to go to an event where children are present dressed in costume while out on bond for murder and child porn? I would sure like to see some reporting on this case as well as the halloween roundup aspect, whatever that is.

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