The county may get a mobile digital speed limit sign with financial help from a local group looking to make neighborhoods safer.

“This would be a way for us to help with the problem that everybody knows is very real,” said Precinct 1 Commissioner Harley David Belew.

A local nonprofit called Community Action Group noticed problems around Rimrock Road where cars flash by at high speeds, pedestrians walk with no sidewalks and beer cans are strewn about. The area has a lot of non-resident traffic, since it is close to the highway and many use it as a bypass, said a CAG representative.

These problems brought about the idea of purchasing a new speed limit sign that tells cars how fast they’re going as they go by. CAG would pay for about $7,000, but would be willing to pay more, according to the representative, and the county would potentially match that.

“This is an opportunity for the county government to partner with the citizens who, in their benevolence, are willing to help us financially in order to make this a better, safer place for everybody to live,” said County Judge Rob Kelly.

Belew said that people only pay attention to digital speed limit signs for about 60 to 90 days until they become just another part of the scenery. That’s why, if the county gets the sign, the commissioners want to get something they can move from place to place.

Although no specific sign or agreement has been settled yet, the commissioners looked favorably at one model of a mobile speed limit sign.

“You could tie this to the back of a Prius if you wanted to,” Belew said.

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