Kerr County Precinct 1 Commissioner Harley Belew announced that he will seek a second term on the Kerr County Commissioners Court.

“When I ran for office in 2016 I said I would serve for a second term if I could see that I was making a positive contribution,” Belew said in a statement. “I can say now that it has been a very productive first term, so I’m seeking re-election.’’ 

A longtime radio host, Belew ran on a platform of serving two terms, no new debt, job growth and responsible budgets. 

Belew narrowly defeated William Rector, a former member of the Kerrville City Council and Kerrville Independent School District Board of Trustees, in 2016. 

Over the last year, the county has been wrestling with tight budgets and a revenue shortfall. Like the city of Kerrville, the county court has been dealing with issues related to new development and affordable housing. The court is considering a project that would bring additional homes and apartments to Kerrville, but within the county’s purview. 

In a Facebook post, Belew said he was encouraged by the support of the people of Kerr County as one of the reasons he decided to run for a second term.

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Mike Mecke

Well Belew you never had this county resident's support - in your district - a DJ is not considered good OJT for commissioner or much else - then when you and most of the commissioner's court and co. judge blocked my emails because I was publicly calling you out for allowing the placement of two Half-Way Houses in our small rural subdivision without ever notifying the residents or having public hearings - that sucks. Folks watch your neighborhood with these guys. I would have thought there would be a lengthy, public process to apply to place two private, for -profit? half way houses into a small 3 block subdivision? eh lawyers? Media?


"The court is considering a project that would bring additional homes and apartments to Kerrville, but within the county’s purview." This code talk for "funnel more public funds to the Bosses." You can bet that Mosty / MacDonald will be among the first and primary recipients of the public loot.

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