The Kerr County team earned second place in the 4-H Golf Challenge. Members are, from left, Peyton Torkelson, Donivyn Irvin and Owen Martin.


A local golf tournament offered youth from around Texas a chance to challenge themselves on their knowledge and abilities in the sport.

“Golf to me is a game that is both mental and physical and can improve your everyday experiences in life,” said participant Donivyn Irvin of Kerr County.

The 4-H Golf Challenge had 18 participants who played some golf games and then went inside to take a test about golf, golf etiquette, turf management and nutrition. The scores from the games and the test were combined to get an overall score.

“Not everybody has the same experience level and athletic ability to play golf, but they all have the opportunity to study for the test,” said Carla Schuster, the club manager for the golf challenge program. “The test serves as an equalizer and helps balance things out.”

Irvin was part of the Kerr County team — along with Peyton Torkelson and Owen Martin — which won second place. 

Dimmit County won first place, and Abilene won third place.

“It was the first golf tournament I have played in, and it was the best,” Irvin said. “I wanted to participate, because golf is something I have never played before, and I wanted to challenge myself.”

Schuster said the tournament has been held at Riverhill Country Club every year for about six or seven years.

“What it does is it allows kids to come together,” Schuster said. “They’re having a good time out on the golf course and creating new friends, learning about golf and learning about turf management and nutrition and how all that interacts to helping build and develop their character as kids.”

It also helps kids keep their brains active through the summer, said Schuster. 

But the one thing she said she hopes the kids really get out of it is some fun.

“They’re out half the day on the golf course and it’s hot, but they go out and have a good time,” Schuster said.

Participant Owen Martin said that he had a blast.

“Golf is something special I can do quietly, and it is fun,” Martin said.

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