Commissioners move forward on option for animal shelter

County commissioners and representatives of Kerrville Pets Alive discuss option for the county animal control facility this morning. 

Commissioners just voted unanimously to develop an arrangement with a new nonprofit to alleviate staffing and space issues at the county animal control facility. 

The county recently closed the facility on Saturdays, and officials at today's commissioners court meeting said it's not feasible to reopen it without hiring additional staff.

The facility's director submitted information to commissioners indicating that reopening the facility on Saturdays would cost $12,000 to $24,000 a year, depending on staffing options. He suggested instead that the county request use of the Kerrville Pets Alive travel trailer, which can hold 45 cats and dogs. The trailer would could take in animals from the facility each weekend and travel throughout the county attempting to re-home the pets.

Commissioners also moved to develop a way to allow volunteers to visit the animal control facility on weekends when county staff are available. 

"I think this is a great start, guys," said Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly.

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"reopening the facility on Saturdays would cost $12,000 to $24,000 a year,.." Now we are told that we are "making" + 80K a month by housing out of county prisoners. Simply divert a portion of this windfall to fund the Animal Shelter,… that is of course dependent upon whether one really believes we are netting that amount. I do not believe this is true. Here is the obvious next line of questioning for the CC, County Treasurer and the Sheriff. Is that money really in our coffers, or were we misled about the profit for the purpose of making the “prisoners for profit” look like booming economic success when in fact it is not?


So the answer is "No" to opening on Saturday....Never give a mouse a cookie.

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