A 63-year-old Bandera woman was briefly jailed on accusations of driving while intoxicated and felony evading arrest following what police described as a “slow-speed chase” through Kerrville. 

Vilia Kay Pember posted $8,700 in bonds and was released Friday upon promising to answer charges — if prosecutors pursue them — of evading arrest with a vehicle and driving while intoxicated with an open alcoholic beverage container, a state jail felony and class B misdemeanor, respectively.

Kerrville Police Department Sgt. Jonathan Lamb offered the following account of the incident: About 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Kerrville police officers responded to business in the 1300 block of Junction highway. Employees at the business called police to report a woman who was cursing and shouting at employees, who seemed intoxicated. She drove off in a 2002 Chevrolet pickup as police arrived, and police attempted to stop her to investigate the nature of the disturbance and make sure she was not intoxicated. The woman, later identified as Vilia Pember, refused to stop, leading police on a slow-speed pursuit through Kerrville before finally pulling over in the 300 block of Thompson Drive. Pemper displayed symptoms of intoxication, and following field sobriety testing, she was arrested. Additionally, an open beer can was found in her truck. 

Most defendants facing such charges usually are given probation, and usually offered the chance to avoid a felony conviction — especially people with minimal criminal histories. Pember’s full criminal history was not available, but it doesn’t appear she’s been convicted or accused of anything in Kerr County higher than a class C misdemeanor. But her felony charge is punishable by probation or as many as two years in state jail and a $10,000 fine.

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