Kerr County commissioners have  decided the county should review overtime and compensation policies in order to address an overworked sheriff’s department and elections department.

During Monday’s meeting, James Robles, the interim county auditor, said compensatory time for the year equated to $132,589 — mostly overtime for sheriff’s department. Even with that payout of compensation, the county could still be facing $41,541 in employment costs that would rollover in the next budget. 

County employees in the sheriff’s department and the elections department often face situations where they work a lot of overtime — emergency services don’t stop over holidays, and election season gets extremely busy, said Bob Reeves, the county tax assessor.

“If we just adopt a policy that (the) holidays will be paid out as with comp time, I’m fine,” Sheriff W.R. “Rusty” Hierholzer said.

The way the policy is written out, law enforcement employees are losing holidays they earned. The county allows 160 hours of vacation time per year, but for many, it’s nearly impossible to actually use it because of work demands.

Commissioners plan to workshop the subject within the next few weeks so that the policy and can be included in the fiscal year 2020 budget, which will wrap up on Sept. 23.

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I would like to hear some cost cutting ideas from the Sheriff, but I don't think that is likely to happen. As a starter, we could discontinue the policy of importing prisoners from other counties, and mothball the excess capacity in our jail which was created from an unnecessary jail expansion. This will be a good first step in trimming fat from a severely bloated department.

Mary Lou Shelton

reclassify them as management, and they cant get overtime, just comp time. corporations do it all the time. gene

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