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Nearly two years to the day after authorities stopped Charles Tidwell for a routine traffic stop and learned he was using another man's identification, Tidwell admitted murdering his former roommate and Ingram resident Allan Kowalski.

Tidwell pleaded guilty Thursday in Gillespie County.

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Timothy Ng

loved1-" Report the news, that's great, but posting someone's face on the front page for even a drug bust then listing all their previous crimes is wrong. All these records are public, let anyone who is curious look it up for themselves.". Exactly, "Report the news". Are you implying that we shouldn't display a photo(s) to headlines such as "____________ was arrested on charges of ......" or " Police hand down 64 indictments in Kerr County"? The reason why the media can can get away with it is that we have freedom of speech. Are you wanting to "shave a little fat" off the US Constitution so we can save criminals a little humilation?[censored] [censored] ![censored]

Laura Thaler

I believe everyone missed the point I was trying to make. What this man did was horrendous, we can all agree with that. No he does not need to be free walking around in society. My statement was not intended for this man personally but everyone in general that is splashed across the front page of the newspaper. Report the news, that's great, but posting someone's face on the front page for even a drug bust then listing all their previous crimes is wrong. All these records are public, let anyone who is curious look it up for themselves. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happens to those that have their cases dropped or dismissed. There are dozens of reasons why they might have been mistakenly arrested but KDT never does a follow up on those people. Instead leaving the public to believe that person is to be marked as guilty in the eyes of everyone in this town.

Kristen Lyle

I love everyone's comments! A 30 year sentence is not long enough for the crime Charles committed. I say HANG HIM! and all the others involved. I say HANG HIM! and all the others involved. He is a monster and he got lucky on his nice prison sentence.
They should let ME be the judge for people like this as well as child molesters. I wouldn't be so nice and let them off the hook. Like it says in the bible "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,"
kill someone, be killed.
just sayin'...

WM Cannon

Well put TimothyNg.


TimothyNg, I concur. The real danger begins when the newspapers stop telling us who we should watch out for on the streets.

Timothy Ng

Most of you here have probably viewed my past posts and can anticipate the post i am about to give due to my libertarian political views. As far as KDT publishing the names of convicted criminals and or the accused, GREAT! They should also give the address of their residency as well. As far as Charles Tidwell, I give a big BOO HOO for that creep. Killing a man who took him into his home, gave him a job, and above all, trusted him deserves ALOT more than a 30 year prison sentence. We as Americans should somehow put a value on crimes like this and make the convicted PROMPTLY pay back his debt to society before he even begins his sentencing. His privacy, as far as i am concerned, he waived that right the moment he comitted the crime(s). 30 years for murder is very very light punishment for him. We should have hung him at the couthouse steps, let the vulchers eat on him until his corpse fell from the tree.

cmarie1986-Yes it is embarrassing for the family members to have their name drug all over the place. The "convicted" did not put into consideration this well known shame that will occur if and when he got caught. Its not unfair to publically post is via any means (marquee, newspaper, skywriting, or smoke signals). If anything the threat of embarrassing the family name should be motive enough for family members to intervene. I can guarantee that his family knew what a model citizen he was becoming and chose to write him off rather than take the initiative and put their love into his life. People here always preach about rehabilitation this rehabilitation that, how about prevention? Rehabilitation starts at home.

I anyone reading this has a family member headed down the wrong path, you better do what you can to set them straight or it could be your family whose name will be published next. Otherwise keep quiet when you see your cousin in KDT.


I have as much compassion for Charles Tidwell and the other people involved as they did for their victim. The shot him in the head in his own house, dumped his body like a worthless piece of trash and took months to steal his house, cars, money and his identity. Don't expect me to shed a tear for Tidwell.

Cassie Baker

And just so you know where I am coming from, I too have had a very close family member plastered on the paper and although it was embarrassing for me and tough, I never once thought it was unfair for it to be there.

Cassie Baker

Loved1, I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of your comment. First off, do we as a community not have the right to know the identity of murders and other offenders? Or honestly, even people accused of it in case we are at risk? If later the judge finds them not guilty we can readjust our opinion, but I know that I personally would hope to have a heads up if a murderer was living in my neighborhood. Also, what do you expect the news to consist of? Just happy-go-lucky tales of children playing and school and photos of neighbors mowing lawns? If you don't like it, don't read it. Unfortunately this news is a reality.

Amanda Winters

Loved1- where are you coming from on this? You accuse the paper and the public of stoning and judging him. The article shows that he plead GUILTY. It says he admitted in court that he murdered his room mate. You say that it will not be possible for him to live a normal life or get a job in this town. All I can say is thanks KDT to printing all of the information you could on this case because if Charles Tidwell somehow gets out of this- I sure don't want him and his 'normal life' anywhere near me or my family. I have known Charlie for a long time, and I doubt there are going to be additional details that will exonerate him. Don't ask me to be compassionate for a murderer.

Mark Casey

Killing your roommate and burying him in the backyard , truly bad form ... quite possibly a hanging offense. I'd heard there were several others involved as well. Any new details?

Laura Thaler

There is a difference to being informed and stoning someone Kris10. These people have not even been tried before a court of law yet. How do we know if they don't suffer from depression or another mental disorder that caused their crime? I am not condoning the crime just maybe we should have a little compassion before passing judgment. How would you feel if this man was your father, your brother, your uncle or your best friend? I believe there are truly evil people out there intent on harming others for their pleasure but before we are so quick to judge, and being on the front page after just an arrest stigmatizes any chance a person has of continuing a normal life with employment, etc.. in this town after that, regardless of how a jury may find them.

Kristen Lyle

I think things like this SHOULD be published in the paper. It is for the members of this community to be aware of their surroundings and what is going on in our town. It does stink that it is your loved one but I'm sure you would want to know if this was someone not realted to you. This guy did a TERRIBLE thing and he needs to pay for it, and our community needs to be aware of it.
I would understand if they put soemone in here for like getting a divorce or something, that's not right but when somebody STEALS a mans identy and takes his life, we need to be informed. To not put something this serious in the news would be absolutely ABSURD.


exactly well said

Laura Thaler

I am sick and tired of seeing peoples faces splashed across the front of the paper and judged. What happened to judge not lest thou be judged? I am not making excuses for what anyone has done however how would YOU or the editor of this paper or any of it's affiliate's feel to see one of their loved ones faces on the front page. Would we even see that or would it be kept out of the paper if said "criminal" was related to someone connected to the Daily Times? How would you feel driving through town knowing that everyone you look at knows what your loved one did and has already judged them not knowing all the details. just what the paper printed? Think about it. I have lived it. I hope and pray no one has to suffer through what me and my family have.

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