The homeless man whose activities residents have been tracking on social media for the past few weeks is in jail again, this time on suspicion of assault. 

Over the past few weeks Kerrville police received reports that Artemiy Lugin, 23, of Maynard, was behaving in ways that made young women feel uncomfortable.He was jailed on suspicion of indecent exposure on May 15, then released on bond, but he’s in jail again, this time on accusations of throwing rocks at people. 

Lugin was jailed May 20 after an investigation that began about 5:40 p.m., when officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Sidney Baker. An employee at a fast food restaurant there reportedly had taken a cup of water to Lugin in the parking lot. Police didn’t name the restaurant. 

“Without provocation, the male picked up a rock and threw it at the employee, striking her in the head,” said KPD spokesman Chuck Bocock in an email. “The male picked up a larger rock and began chasing this victim. While doing so, a passing motorist and their passenger saw the actor chasing the victim and stopped to assist the victim. The suspect threw a rock and struck one of these parties as well.”

Another employee of the fast food establishment went outside when he heard screams, and reportedly asked Lugin why he was throwing rocks.  

“The suspect then threw rocks at him and punched him in the face,” Bocock stated. 

Police found the suspect north of the location and he was accused of two counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony. 

Lugin was in the county jail as of Thursday morning on bonds totaling $56,000.

Lugin's earlier arrest came after a driver traveling on Guadalupe Street called police about 8 p.m. May 14 to report seeing a man touching himself in a lewd manner inside a vehicle near a park, Bocock said. The driver reportedly was able to clearly see Lugin's actions because Guadalupe Street is at a higher elevation than the park area.

Lugin reportedly drove off when he noticed someone saw him, but the driver followed, and a police officer made contact with Lugin after he’d stopped near a creek just outside the city limits, Bocock indicated.

Lugin was interviewed at the police department, a warrant was issued for his arrest on the charge of indecent exposure, and he was booked at the jail. According to jail records, Lugin was booked on May 15 and posted a $5,000 bond the same day.

The first of Lugin's three arrests in Kerr County came April 21, when he was accused of criminal trespassing.

“We have had multiple calls on this individual for basically staring at and trying to engage younger females in conversation,” KPD spokesman Jonathan Lamb said in a May 12 email. “His behavior and demeanor made many people feel justifiably uncomfortable. In every instance, his actions did not cross the line into unlawful activity. He was issued at least 11 criminal trespass warnings for various locations around town. He was arrested one time for violating a (criminal trespass) notice. I received information that he has left Kerrville and is possibly in Fredericksburg today.”

Lugin was reported around town driving a red Yaris. Images of him, including an old mugshot and a photo of him inside a store, were being shared on social media as early as May 12.


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