The Kerrville Public School Foundation presented a check for $12,700 to Tivy High School on Friday.  The funds were used to purchase the 21st-century classroom furniture that has already been installed in history teacher Dana Gruver’s classroom.  

Tivy traditional teacher-oriented mono-functional classrooms are being redesigned to provide modern spaces to accommodate a variety of learning tools and opportunities. 

“When we looked into the cost of the furniture that would allow the students to spread out, it was a lot of money,” Tivy Principal Shelby Balser said.  “KPSF does so much for the district and Tivy specifically.”

The dual credit United States History course Gruver teaches is a mixture of readings, lectures and videos. The online portion of the course is offered by a qualified professor from The University of Texas. Students work independently and collaboratively to develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the historical record. The larger desks easily accommodate student’s laptops and notebooks and provide a workspace large enough for group projects.   

“The nature of the program requires teamwork,” said Gruver. “The structure of the furniture allows the students to work together.”

The functional furniture manufactured by VS America is lightweight and maneuverable and can be altered quickly to adapt to the daily lesson plan.  

There are two types of ergonomic plastic chairs available to students and, according to Tivy junior Dylan Pena, most prefer the green chairs that swivel, tilt and recline. Pena notices he is better able to focus in class when he gets to sit in a green chair over the blue chairs that do not swivel but do recline.  

“The furniture makes it easier to interact in class,” said Pena.  “I think we need them in all the classrooms.”

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