Kerr County Receives TAC 'Excellence in Safety' Award

Kerr County Commissioners received the Texas Association of Counties Risk Management Pool “Excellence in Safety” Award for 2018 from TAC representative Larry Boccaccio during their regular meeting Monday in the courthouse. At the award presentation are, from left, Commissioners Harley Belew and Tom Moser, County Judge Rob Kelly, Boccaccio and Commissioners Jonathan Letz and Don Harris.


When it comes to safety in operations, Kerr County earned its way to a top ranking among Texas counties last year.

Texas Association of Counties representative Larry Boccaccio was on hand at the regular meeting of the Kerr County Commissioners Court on Monday to present county elected officials with a plaque noting the county’s success.

“You guys are one of my shining stars,” Boccaccio told the commissioners as he handed them the gold star-emblazoned TAC Risk Management Pool “Excellence In Safety” award for 2018.

Kerr County is among the 62 counties in the Texas Association of Counties’ southwestern region that Boccaccio oversees.

There was a great deal of criteria used for evaluating the safety achievements and ratings of TAC’s nearly 300 members, including some 204 counties, plus several other forms of governmental entities, Boccaccio said.

Kerr County was one of only 17 TAC members to earn the award for last year.

“You guys are doing well — just keep doing it,” Boccaccio told the county leaders.

Kerr County Judge Rob Kelly told Boccaccio that Kerr County appreciates the partnership it shares with the Texas Association of Counties.

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