I was raised going to church like many of you and fell into the habit of thinking that an hour on Sunday was fulfilling my duty and earning points with God. What I did not understand, until I grew older, was that going to church doesn’t make us a Christian, but we go because we are a Christian. It’s good to assemble with other believers to worship the Lord and receive his instructions about how to live because we love him, not as an intelligent idea that somehow we can earn our way to heaven. 

I’ve been born again now for nearly 50 years, and with God’s mercy, I’ve learned a few things along the way. When I become distracted and start thinking about worldly things or my selfish desires, it does not take very long for me to become spiritually lukewarm. How long does this take? A few weeks? No, it can happen in minutes. Sometimes I’m attacked with aggravations and conflicts or even certain television programs, movies, images and worldly music can negatively influence my attitude and pull me away from focusing on Jesus rather quickly.

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