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New leadership and staff for The Coming King Foundation for 2019-20 are, top row, from left, Max Greiner Jr., Randy Reed, Weldon Baker, Richard Reinhard, Jack Turner, Stockton Williams, Fred Schremp, Beth Schremp, Linda Forse, Chris Seifert and Debbye Meszaros. In the bottom row, from left, are Roz Bell, Susan Casey, Carol Reinhard, Esther Baker, Barbara Anderson, Cynthia Hoskins, Delores Thomas and Sherry Greiner. Not pictured are trustees Pasty Jordan, Matt Tyykila, Bob Carey, Dr. Mark Mosier and Darcie Mosier.


A new leadership team recently was elected to guide The Coming King Foundation, the nonprofit art organization that operates The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. 

The free 24.5-acre spiritual garden draws more than 100,000 visitors a year from all 50 states and more than 80 countries, according to a press release from the foundation.

The Christian art garden is expecting another record year, said Executive Director Debbye Meszaros.  

According to numbers released by the foundation, an estimated 117,974 people visited the garden in 2018. In April of 2019, an estimated 12,441 guests came to the art park, and 9,932 guests visited in May. The Easter Sun Rise Service drew 605 people from across the U.S.

One goal of the TCKF board is to build and operate The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden without debt. 

“This has been possible thanks to the donations of thousands of Christians from across America and the world since 2004,” a TCKF spokesman said in a press release.

All of the monumental art, exceeding $2 million in value, has been donated by artists Max Greiner Jr., Beverly Paddleford and David Broussard. 

“Numerous businesses and foundations have also donated to the free art park because of the positive impact it has on guests and the local economy,” the spokesman noted.

TCKF officers that have been elected for the coming year are Max Greiner Jr., president; Stockton Williams, vice president; Linda Forse, secretary; and Darcie Mosier, treasurer.

Five new trustees also were elected: Patsy Jordan, Mark Mosier, Darcie Mosier, Beth Schremp and Fred Schremp.

Former trustees who will continue to serve are Barbara Anderson, Esther Baker, Weldon Baker, Bob Carey, Sherry Greiner, Cynthia Hoskins, Carol Reinhard, Richard Reinhard, Chris Seifert, Delores Thomas, Susan Casey, Jack Turner and Matt Tyykila.


The Coming Sculpture Prayer Garden is at 520 Benson Drive in Kerrville. The free 24.5-acre spiritual art park is open every day, 7 a.m.-midnight, and features almost $3 million worth of original Christian fine art donated by three internationally collected professional artists. 

The centerpiece of the garden is “The Empty Cross”, a 77-foot-7-inch contemporary Cor-ten steel sculpture. 

For more information on The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, visit

Free guided tours are available on request by

calling the TCKF office at

830-928 7774 or sending an

email to office@thecoming

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