The Hill Country Archeological Association will meet at noon July 20 at Riverside Nature Center, 150 Lemos St. Artifact identification for the public and refreshments will precede the start of the meeting. 

There is no admission charge, and the public is welcome to attend. 

“This presentation promises to be one unlike any HCAA has had previously and should prove most interesting,” a spokesman for the organization said in a press release.

Guest speaker will be Leslie L. Bush, paleoethnobotanist. 

“Leslie will reveal in her presentation how the native Texas plants we enjoy today have been used for food, medicine and crafts for millennia by the native people of Texas,” the spokesman said. “Archaeological science, native oral traditions and written accounts by Spanish missionaries and European explorers all provide windows into the many fascinating uses of our Texas native plants.”

Bush also will outline how archaeologists recover and identify plant remains and talk about particular finds in Central Texas of plants used for food, fibers, dye, healing and weapons.

Bush is a paleoethnobotanist — an archaeologist who specializes in identifying bits of plants preserved on archaeological sites, usually in the form of charcoal and occasionally as waterlogged wood or other plant parts. She received her Ph.D. from Indiana University.

Through her consulting practice, Macrobotanical Analysis, Bush has worked on sites in 18 states. She is involved with investigations associated with the improvement of Texas Highway 271 in Titus County, Baylor University’s work at rock shelters in Central Texas, and the Texas Historical Commission’s work on Fort St. Louis/Presidio La Bahia.


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