After a week of selling baked goods on campus, Our Lady of the HIlls Regional Catholic High School students raised $695.89 for The Pregnancy Resource Center, and the Knights of Columbus pledged to match their donation.  

“This fundraiser had a special excitement,” OLH principal Therese Schwarz said. “Saving one heartbeart, one dollar at a time.”

The funds raised will help the local chapters of the Knights of Columbus purchase new sonogram equipment to serve women in the Hill Country through The Pregnancy Resource Center. 

A national Catholic men’s fraternal society, the Knights of Columbus Supreme began its 2009 Ultrasound Initiative Program to help pregnancy centers acquire modern technology. To date, they have funded more than 1,000 units in all 50 states and four countries.   

“There are no words to describe the difference hearing a heartbeat makes in the choice between life and death,” said David Pillatzke, program director for the local Knights of Columbus. 

In Kerr County, more than 300 babies are born every year through The Pregnancy Resource Center services. 

A single sonogram unit costs $28,000, and The Knights of Columbus, Council 6409, hopes to purchase two machines. One would travel the Hill Country in the PRC mobile van, “Miss Kathy,” and the other would remain at the PRC office, at 213 C St. in Kerrville. 

“The current units are worn out and not delivering the quality graphic sonograms for the mothers to see a good clear image of their babies in the womb,” Pillatzke said.  

The Pregnancy Resource Center said that 98% of their women clients who see the sonogram image of their baby in their womb will opt to carry the child to term rather than terminate the pregnancy.   

“Our funding goal would be $26,000, which is half the cost of the two machines,” said Pillatzke  “The Knights of Columbus Supreme will match that amount for a total of $52,000 that will then be given to The Pregnancy Resource Center.”

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