Kirk and Kelle Richter are ordinary Hill Country folks experiencing extraordinary relationships with Jesus. 

As faithful Valentines, they live out the precept that “All intimate relationships, including our relationship with Jesus, require attention to grow and flourish.”​

For more than a decade, San Antonio’s Zachary Construction relied on Kirk to lead the development of Embassy buildings in foreign lands. In Ethiopia, Kirk received a call from a friend he met while building the Cambodia Embassy, calling him back as a missionary to design/build a critically needed medical center near Phnom Penh, Cambodia.​

Believing this mission’s invitation was initiated by the Lord, Kirk journeyed with his son to begin this adventure. However, after first-hand reviewing this relocation, he had second thoughts. 

Sitting on his hotel balcony overlooking the public spaces of downtown, he wrestled with the challenges of moving his family. He called out to God, “Father, I am not sure I love these people enough to uproot my family.”​

Soon he experienced an audible voice, “Kirk, do you love me?” 

Kirk answered yes, then he heard, “Kirk, feed my sheep.” 

Immediately, Kirk cast all doubts aside, knowing to trust completely in God. 

Perhaps, you’ve also experienced a time where you know God called your name.​

If you’ve enjoyed this experience, then encourage others by sharing testimonies where you received discernment about something you really needed to know. 

“We are all, as humanity, wired to hear from God,” teaches Pastor Shawn Boltz. 

Scores of Bible verses reinforce this: “If anyone loves God, he is known by God.” 1 Corinthians 8:3



Experiences of God knowing our names and/or providing discernment are powerful testimonies of encouragement. The lyrics of “He Knows My Name” are an example:​ “I have a Maker, He formed my heart, Before even time began, My life was in his hands.​ He knows my name, He knows my every thought,​ He sees each tear that falls, And He hears me when I call.”​

Do you marvel at people whose testimonies reveal personal discernment from Jesus? While their encounters might raise competitive questions of why them and not me, the better discipleship question is how are they developing intimate relationships with Jesus? Relationships where discernment is received when there is something really important you need to know. ​

God created each of us to enjoy intimate fellowship with Jesus. Sadly, sometimes we rely on ourselves and fail to consult our Maker about our plans. 

Over half my life, I failed to consult the Lord with my plans. Yet, soon after being born-again, struggling with career decisions, I cried out to the Lord in an Arizona hotel room and heard an audible voice.

“Jeff, join my Church.” 

When I obeyed His voice, it surprised my wife. Yet, examining the fruit, this obedience transformed the future of our family forever. 

The moral: “Do not trust in your own strength but rather look to your maker. Fix your eyes on Jesus.” Hebrews 12:2​

Prayer: Father, may I devote more time to simply enjoying an intimate friendship with Jesus. May I consult You in all my life decisions, seeking Kingdom discernment and trusting completely in You! Amen 

Jeff Anderson is Servant Pastor of SERV Kerrville, a nonprofit collaborating with community partners to empower lifelong learning. He welcomes your comments at

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