Habitat gets HCCBA funds

The women of Hill Country Charity Ball present a $95,000 check to the Habitat for Humanity, Kerr County executive director and board members.

Hill Country Charity Ball Association Inc. recently presented a $95,000 check to Habitat for Humanity — the largest philanthropic donation in Hill Country Charity Ball’s history.

“With the generosity and overwhelming support of our community, the ladies of Hill Country Charity Ball raised more than double of what Habitat for Humanity had previously requested in their grant application,” a spokeswoman for the organization said in a press release. “Together, Habitat for Humanity and Hill Country Charity Ball will build a wonderful new home for a local Kerrville resident.”

Previously, the largest charitable donation that was presented by the HCCBA was in 2008, when the organization presented $82,000 to the YMCA.

“We are so excited to have reached this momentous goal,” said Allison Bueche, Hill Country Charity Ball president-elect and underwriting chairwoman. “When Habitat first presented their beneficiary request, they only asked for half of the building costs of a new home. Because of the community’s support, we are so thrilled to provide them with the full funding of a new home.”

Hill Country Charity Ball Association Inc. is now accepting applications from area nonprofit organizations that would like to be the recipient of the 34th annual Hill Country Charity Ball. All requests must be in writing and postmarked by July 12.

Applicants should submit a detailed description of their project/program and the amount requested. Each request should include organizational background, structure, purpose, objectives, financial statements, amount and specific intended use of funds requested.

The HCCBA does not fund salaries, operating expenses nor related administrative costs.

All applications should be submitted to Markie Atkission, Hill Country Charity Ball, P.O. Box 291933, Kerrville, TX 78029.

For details regarding the application process or funding, contact Atkission at 210-857-2001 or email markieatkission@gmail.com

The 34th annual Hill Country Charity Ball set set for April 25, 2020. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets or underwriting opportunities is asked to contact Hill Country Charity Ball Association Inc. board members or visit www.hillcountrycharityball.com.

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