They refer to themselves as “Mooney Drivers” and since the 1950s, their enthusiasm for piloting Mooney Aircraft has brought visitors, business and new residents to the Kerrville area. 

Dr. Mark Mosier, a devoted Mooney Driver currently flying his 6th Mooney, relocated his family and Dental Management business to Kerrville seven years ago. Mark and wife, Darcie, were attracted here by Mooney’s headquarters, then the beauty of the Hill Country and soon the many ways they could become active local citizens. 

Today the Mosier’s are involved in many activities that make the Kerrville community better. Mark currently serves as vice-president of the Kerrville/Kerr County Joint Airport Board, Darcie is treasurer of The Coming King Foundation, where Mark serves as a Tour Guide Chaplain and both are founders and active board members of The Dynamic Learning Institute. 

Mark and Darcie are examples of the many local residents who were drawn to live in the Hill Country by the presence of Mooney Aircraft. Since 1953, Mooney has been designing and building some of the world’s most iconic high-performance aircraft here in Kerrville. According to Plane and Pilot Magazine, “Mooneys have a universal appeal as tough, quick-handling, economical, fast machines, often analogized as sport planes. In fact, Mooneys are often considered the fastest, most efficient singles in the sky.”

At 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, Dynamic Learning Institute presents “Mooney’s Innovative Impact on Aviation.” You will learn the history of Mooney Aircraft, a story intertwined with 12,000 aircraft being manufacturing here in Kerrville; creating an ownership base that has put Kerrville on the general-aviation-innovation-leadership map. The class will be at the Dietert Center and a current mock-up of Mooney’s M20V Acclaim Ultra will be displayed on-site for you to enjoy and sit in the cockpit, if you desire. 

For seven decades, the aviation vision of Al Mooney has been defined by a passion for speed, strength, safety and a signature-aircraft styling that gives the illusion of being swept forward. With more than 70 years of product enhancement and customer support and a fleet that has accumulated more than 40 million flight hours, you might say Mooney knows a thing or two about leading aviation innovation. 

From speed to range to safety to innovation, the company is constantly refining what it means to fly a Mooney; staying true to the vision established by Al Mooney that a passion for speed, strength and safety will define Mooney’s philosophy. Today even with its current, state-of-the-art manufacturing process, it takes several thousand man-hours to produce just one Mooney. 

The company is organized more like a start-up than a enterprise that happens to be 70 years old. Kevin Hawley, chief of engineering, will lead class participants in a fascinating review of Mooney, including its current production of personal aircraft. The presentation will include in-class displays to help you see first-hand what makes a Mooney aircraft unique. 

Kevin brings four decades aerospace engineering experience to Mooney, with expertise in commercial transports, business jet and general aviation. He oversees the technical elements of the company, assuring the products are engineered to the standards of Mooney and her customers. Kevin hopes you will register to join Mark Mosier and other Mooney Drivers for DLI’s “Mooney’s Innovative Impact on Aviation.”


Next Tuesday, October 8th, Dynamic Learning Institute brings to life three interesting stories from The Pacific War Museum’s George Bush Gallery. Fortunately, new learning technology will make it possible for you to sit in Kerrville and enjoy learning about the Attack on Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Tarawa and Texas in the war. 

You will be guided by the Museum’s education director, David Shields, positioned at DLI’s Dietert Center classroom in Kerrville along with Associate Director Bryan Degner, who will be positioned live via interactive video at the actual Museum exhibits. In other words, you will enjoy historical interpretations directly from two talented teachers of Pacific War history from the easy vantage point of your seat in Kerrville. 

Participants will learn historical perspectives on The Attack on Pearl Harbor, Texas in the War and The Battle of Tarawa. At Tarawa, Japanese Rear Admiral Keiji Shibazaki encouraged his troops by saying, “It would take 1 million men 100 years” to conquer Tarawa.” This battle was the first American offensive in the critical central Pacific campaign to set-up forward air bases capable of supporting operations across the mid-Pacific, to the Philippines and into Japan. It should be a fun one of a kind experience so we hope you will plan to join us. 

This week marks the twenty-third Dynamic Learning Column of 2019 and we hope you have encountered some valued insights along the way. My purposes for this column are to 1) champion lifelong learning, 2) provide insights into upcoming DLI classes where area speakers share their expertise and 3) offer ongoing learning possibilities for your enjoyment. 

The lifelong learning which DLI champions is intentional, not circumstantial, ongoing and self-motivated. It involves a personal pursuit of knowledge motivated by our desires for self-sustainability, social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development. 

Until we meet again … remember, learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere!

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