Return from the skies
The Mexican free-tailed bat calls the Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area home during the summer months. Guests can view the bats’ exit and, during two limited tours, their morning return. The first morning tour is Saturday and the second is Sept. 25. For reservations, call 830-683-2287.

ROCKSPRINGS — The Devil’s Sinkhole Society, the nonprofit volunteer Texas Parks friends group that provides Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area tours and operates the Rocksprings Visitors Center, is proceeding with an active year. 

The famous evening bat tour runs through Oct. 31, and a larger number of guests than usual have been attending. This evening tour, like all Devil’s Sinkhole tours, starts at the Rocksprings Visitors Center on the town square and reservations are necessary. 

Day tours, nature walks, and birding tours are available during the daytime. A couple from New Zealand have the record so far this season for longest travel distance to come to the Sinkhole.

The society is in the midst of a fundraising drive, and the drive is proving successful, a spokesman for the organization said in a press release.

“Donations and memberships at every level have been coming in, mostly by mail at P.O. Box 97, Rocksprings, TX, 78880,” he said. “Many folks have dropped by to donate. One fine friend dropped by the Rocksprings Visitors Center and placed a generous dollar in the donation box (which was camouflage for the one hundred dollar bill wrapped inside). Needless to say, that was a welcome surprise when the box was examined.”

Devil’s Sinkhole tours are available Wednesdays through Sundays. Office hours of the Rocksprings Visitors Center are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on those days. 

Bat tours start at varying times, depending on bat behavior. Day tours and nature walks are usually available at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. To reserve a tour or get information, call 830-683-2287. The website is and the e-mail is

At the height of bat season, the Devil’s Sinkhole will be home to between 4 and 6 million bats. The cave is Texas’s largest one-chamber cave and also the state’s fifth deepest.

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