You might be surprised to learn an immigrant from England helped shape the outlines of our community, as well as in other communities all over Texas — and even parts of northern Mexico.

For a long time, I thought Charles Schreiner’s wealth came mainly from his Kerrville store and bank. Later, I added his real estate investments, not just in towns like Kerrville and neighboring communities, but also the numerous ranches he owned. 

Of the men listed on the Kerr County War Memorial, I personally knew only one, and while every soldier listed on that monument left a painful gap in our community when they died, torn away from their families and friends, it’s that young man I think of first on this holiday.

For many folks, a portion of this weekend will be spent planning and preparing for a Thanksgiving meal. Index cards will be pulled from old recipe boxes to check the ingredients needed for dishes made once each year — food that reminds of us of a departed aunt or provides hints at a great-gr…

Ninety-nine years ago, on Wednesday, Oct. 4, Victor Earl Garrett died near Exermont, France. He was only 24.


Schreiner Unversity announced that it has transferred ownership of the Schreiner Mansion to the Cailloux Foundation.

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The historic home of Capt. Charles Schreiner, built by German craftsmen in 1879 for the Hill Country pioneer and founder of what is now Schreiner University, has changed hands again, this time to the Cailloux Foundation.


Hill Country Archeological Association member Joe Stoutamire, left, Kerr County Historical Commission chairwoman Julie Leonard and archeologist Joe Luther unveil a Texas Historical Commission marker at the Gatlin Site in front of Saddlewood Estates on Saturday. The site dates to about 12,000…

Long before Egypt’s first known king, Scorpion I, ascended the throne around 3200 B.C., small bands of  paleo-Indian hunters stalked white-tailed deer and  bison across Kerrville’s rolling hills.