For several years, the city of Kerrville and the nonprofit Heart of the Hills Heritage Center have been working to create a history museum in the old mansion at 529 Water St. This museum will tell the story of our community. Kerr County is one of the very few counties in Texas that does not …

One night in 1862, a “band of masked riders” rode up to a small store in Comfort and threatened to hang the shopkeeper. The man was a German immigrant, and he was suspected of not supporting the Confederacy during the Civil War. Such views were dangerous in those days.

A kind reader recently gave me an interesting bottle from Kerrville. Along its middle, it reads “Pampell’s/Kerrville Texas.” Its shoulder says “C.C. Soda.”

Forty years ago, on April 23, 1983, the Museum of Western Art opened its doors in Kerrville. Originally called the Cowboy Artists of America Museum, it has brought visitors from all over the world to our community.