Love, friendship and the daily drudgery of minimum wage employment are all explored in “The Flick,” the sweet, funny and at times achingly sad show that Yellow Lab Productions will perform today through Saturday.

With a limited run of three shows, doors will open at 7 p.m. with the show at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the VK Garage Theater, 305 Washington St.

“The Flick” follows three central characters as they work at an old, run-down movie theater in Massachusetts in 2012, as the last film projectors give way to an entirely digital future. 

“Annie Baker’s play is tender and provides sharply observed, painfully amusing insight into the tumultuous inner lives of Avery, Rose and Sam as they navigate the mini-tragedies of everyday life on the fringes of happiness,” a spokesman for Yellow Lab said in a press release.

In this movie theater, these three employees work their dreary job in an economy that is depressed — and so are they. They sell tickets, clean up after patrons and run the projector. 

“This Pulitzer Prize-winning dramedy will make you laugh and cry as you peer into the lives of Avery, Sam and Rose, who reveal themselves to be complex, feeling people with unrealized ambitions, dashed dreams and fierce loves on their search for happiness and meaning,” the spokesman said.

David McGuff, who plays Sam in the show, found parallels in his life and the life of his character.

“In a lot of ways, the show reminds me of my years working at Hastings,” he said. “The people you meet, the frustrations

you feel at the daily

disrespect from customers, the indignities of the

job — but also the fun you carve out, the friendships you make and the room you have to breathe and figure yourself out that you have at entry-level retail and food jobs. Also, the real passion for movies as you were surrounded by them, debating about them and watching them together with coworkers who sometimes became friends or loves. Looking back, those were some of the best times of my life, and in a lot of ways my favorite job.”

McGuff is joined by Yellow Lab veterans Treston Mack as Avery and Prari Blair as Rose. 

After years on stage, Ken DeZarn is making his directorial debut with the show. Asa Nour Harris is stage manager and also plays the Dreamer and Skylar in two small but fun appearances in the show.

Tickets for “The Flick” are $15 each and can be purchased at the Cailloux Box office, by calling 830-896-9393 or online at

“The Flick” contains adult language and content and is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion is advised.

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