G. Harvey painting

He is one of the most recognizable artists in Texas, and his name alone exudes confidence in his discipline — G. Harvey. 

A painter of the Hill Country, who was celebrated for his depiction of the region, and whose work gained the attention and affection of collectors such as President Lyndon B. Johnson and Texas Gov. John Connally, Harvey’s work was prolific and revered. 

In fact, some of his works will now be on display in Kerrville as part of the massive L.D. Brinkman collection at the Museum of Western Art. 

However, on Saturday some of G. Harvey’s most personal works, along with his possessions, will be auctioned off at Vogt Galleries in San Antonio. 

The auction will feature many of his paintings and sculptures, as well as over 100 personal effects from the artist’s home and studio in Fredericksburg. 

Formally named Gerald Harvey Jones, the celebrated artist of Americana has been displayed at the White House, the National Archives, the Treasury Building and the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History.

Harvey died in 2017, and parts of his estate are being auctioned off through a curated effort by auction specialists Katy Alexander and Gabe Echeverry. 

Harvey’s artwork and personal collection are currently on display in San Antonio at Vogt Galleries ahead of the auction, which is set for Nov. 16.

Born in 1933 in San Antonio, G. Harvey was a celebrated artist and lifelong Texan whose youth spent in the Texas Hill Country helped inform his nostalgic and evocative imagery of Western and Americana scenes. 

Soft-spoken and private, Harvey was a prolific artist. He began painting in the late 1950s and started earning national recognition soon after. Often compared to Impressionist masters such as Edouard Cortes, Harvey also found inspiration from Texas artists José Arpa and Julian Onderdonk. 

His Western paintings have achieved record results at auction and have expanded his popularity to major Western art auctions nationwide.

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