Kerr County officials announced COVID-19 vaccines are available for Tier 1A and Tier 1B individuals. An appointment is required.

Qualified people should register for an appointment online at Anyone without internet access can call 800-811-8620 to register.

Those with appointments to receive the vaccine must print out and bring the consent form to your appointment, along with a copy of your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Vaccinations will be given at the Kerrville First United Methodist Church Activity Center located at 321 Thompson Drive In Kerrville. 

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Alan Pazdernik

If judge kelly requested the number of shot he has no idea - bet he knows the number of bars open - and the cell number to abbott

Natalie Tanner

Who is in charge of this vaccine scheduling train wreck? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to news about the vaccine. Why don't we have a central place to sign up in Kerr County?


complete disgust with local government, it needs a total overhaul and old folks replaced in elections. They have failed to do the one thing they were elected to do. PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF KERR COUNTY.

Debby Williams

Have you called that number or gone online? There are no vaccines in Kerrville at this time or anytime in the near future it seems. Kerrville is no mans land for the Covid vaccine. We may be the place to be when it's time for wildflowers, but sure not the place to be for the Covid vaccine. Maybe we need Mom's to take over. We can vacuum, do laundry, take care of the kids, fix dinner and any other multi tasking that needs to be done so I'm sure we could manage to get the covid vaccine here inn Kerrville!

Henry Daigle

Bologna no spots available from Houston to Austin!


My name is James Davenport and I am an eligible B1 prospective recipient of the Covid 19 vaccine. I received this notice by phone about 45 minutes after it was posted. I went to the website and found only references to HEB pharmacies that are vaccination sites - all of these sites indicated they had no vaccines available. I phoned one of the vaccine information phone numbers and was told by the lady who answered the phone that the available vaccines had been given mostly to health care workers and the few that were left were reserved within a few minutes.

Kathleen Walker

According to several friends who tried to log in or call, appoints were GONE within 3-4 minutes. C'mon. Daily Times... now is the time to do your investigative reporting thing. Who gobbled up all the appointments in 3 minutes? And how?

Catherine Cummings

I just now checked the website and called the hotline. Both say that there are no vaccine available for Kerrville at this time.

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