As we continue on with our theme of healthy, quick, simple meals during January, it’s inevitable that, at some point, the conversation will turn to one of the most trendy food substitutes of recent years: cauliflower.

In keeping with last week’s theme of quick, easy meals that help to keep New Year’s goals and resolutions, this recipe for Sausage Rice Medley requires minimal effort and is packed with nutrient-rich vegetables to help meet nutritional goals as well.

The new year is here. We’re busy setting resolutions and goals that we hope to follow for the rest of 2019.

As American’s bustle about this holiday season, home-cooked meals tend to take a backburner. With so many holiday errands to run after work, it can be difficult to prepare a home-cooked meal, and fast food restaurants too often fill the void.

Here in the South, we take pride in our barbecue. We also take pride in our ability to incorporate barbecue into many different dishes. Whether it’s plain brisket, brisket tacos, barbecued chicken or pulled pork sandwiches, a master smoker takes pride in his or her work.

Over spring break last March, you may have read a recipe here for South of the Border Sloppy Joes. They’re the ultimate sloppiest of Joes. The recipe also makes an abundance of meat and toppings that may lead to leftover ingredients.

The aroma of soups has wafted in on the breezes of cooler temperatures. Heavy rains have solidified our cravings for soups and warm comfort food.

With white tail bow season currently open and rifle season around the corner, it’s time for many to start considering new recipes for cooking venison.

Fettuccini Alfredo, pasta covered in a creamy parmesan sauce, originated in Italy but never received the popularity in Italy that it found once introduced to the United States. With Italians taking little stake in the popular American dish, it’s easy to tweak the recipe to suit personal tast…

Weekends provide a wonderful opportunity to slow down and enjoy elaborate breakfasts that we don’t have time to enjoy on weekdays. Pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, all cooked a variety of ways, give us the opportunity to experiment and play with our food.

The nacho, an appetizer that also passes as a main meal at times, is a TexMex creation that came about less than one hundred years ago. History tells us that the simple meal — corn tortilla chips topped with cheese and jalapenos — was accidentally conceived when a maître d’ found himself ste…

Childhood favorite for many people. It’s quick and simple, making it a good meal to prepare for the family after a busy day or before an evening filled with football or volleyball practice.

In Texas, we live our lives according to seasons, but our seasons tend to be a little more than just spring, summer, fall and winter. Instead, we have football season, hunting season, fishing season, wildflower season, camping season and many other seasons. Hunting season is broken into deer…

Grilling meat stuffed with cream cheese is a classic hunter’s meal. The fun part about this meal is changing up the filling in the stuffed meat. Diced jalapenos, sautéed bell pepper and onion or chopped green onions are all popular fillers.

This recipe is for all the grilled fish taco lovers reading along today. If you aren’t a fan of fish tacos, this recipe will probably sound a little strange. But if you think fish tacos are life, you’ll want to try this recipe as soon as possible.

It’s hard to beat a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. For those in our readership over 21, these Prickly Pear Margaritas are not only delicious, they’re beautiful, too!

Summer break is nearly halfway over for local students. During the summertime, it can be difficult for parents to keep children entertained — or their time occupied — in a way that keeps kids unplugged.

If you love chile rellenos, but don’t love the deep fried guilt that comes along with it, these Enchilada Verde Stuffed Poblanos are a fun alternative. It’s half a poblano pepper stuffed with a lightly fried corn tortilla, carnitas, and salsa verde and topped with gooey Monterey Jack cheese.

When harvesting a summer garden, what better way to create a full meal than with a quick stir fry dish?

If you’re a gardener, you know that there are certain vegetables that produce so abundantly that you can’t keep up with the harvest. You eat what you can and give away the rest.

Fresh blackberries in Kerr County are hard to come by. They’re available at local grocery stores, but usually at a fairly high price.

When we think of Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican cuisine, the potato is not a food that instantly comes to mind. Rice, beans, tortillas, avocados and jalapenos are the stereotypical staples that we visualize when we crave something from across the border.

Summer is just around the corner. What many people don’t realize is that summer is also rodeo season. Starting Memorial Day weekend, rodeos will be kicking off all over the great state of Texas.

When it comes to a busy weeknight or an evening entertaining friends, minimizing the number of dirty dishes is always a plus. Fancy and delicious meals don’t necessarily require the use of every pot and pan in the kitchen. Sometimes, a simple, single sheet pan may be the only thing needed fo…

Warmer weather tends to bring with it healthier lifestyles. We want to get outside when the sun is shining. We set aside the heavy stews and casseroles of winter and we crave fresh fruits and vegetables, and perhaps even a trip to one of the local farmers’ markets to collect our fresh foods.…

Is it safe to say that grilling season is here? The mornings may still be cool, but most evenings lately have been ideal for cooking outside!

“Bacon wrapped” seems to be a theme when cooking with wild game. When the conversation turns to wild game recipes, it’s almost a guarantee that Dove Poppers and Venison Poppers will be mentioned in the Top 10 recipes, and for good reason! Poppers — jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and mea…

If you’ve ever driven through Louisiana, you’ve undoubtedly seen sign after sign at gas stations, fast food and gourmet restaurants advertising the best boudin (pronounced “boo-dan”) in town — or in all of Louisiana, for that matter.

Feral — or wild — hogs have been a devastating problem in Texas and Kerr County for decades. The invasive, non-native species causes about $400 million in damages in Texas annually, according to the Smithsonian Magazine.

Foods of every ethnic background seem to have their own trifecta of ingredients that are expected to be used in their meals. Cajun recipes have bell pepper, onion and celery. Southern recipes have bacon grease, meat and potatoes. It may seem cliché, but, when it comes to food, a good cliché …

Despite a few beautiful days recently, winter’s not over yet! We’ll find out in a few days what the groundhog has to say about our future weather patterns, but more than likely we’ll still have some good “chili weather” coming our way in the next few months.


Television commercials have been a major part of our home entertainment since 1941, when the very first television commercial aired during a Dodgers/Phillies baseball game.


And ’round and ’round again! Any meal that can be stretched into many meals is a meal worth repeating! And when a meal can serve as the basis for a brand new meal, it’s even better.

Who’s ready for some vegetables? ABC News reported in 2014 that the average person would consume over 7,000 calories on Christmas Day. With all the sweets and treats, appetizers and main dishes it’s not hard to imagine putting away that much food on a single day.