It has been wisely said, “Freedom is not the absence of restraint but the essence of good order.”

In today’s devotional column, I want to celebrate the hymnology of the Christian Church, which has historically enriched our lives in so many ways down through the years to the present. It’s not that I don’t find gospel songs enjoyable and uplifting, but the great hymns evoke deep and rich e…

In these times of great challenges and evils in our nation and world, the Psalmist calls on us to sing praises to God who gives us hope and strength by his care, power, love and encouragement for his people. 

In many churches, the Sunday after Easter — last Sunday — is often called “low Sunday.” The Easter crowds have mostly disappeared, the flowers have been taken to the homebound or taken home. The special musicians may not be heard again until Christmas season — or at least until Pentecost.