It’s strangely affirming to our faith in Biblical prophecy that something like this can change the entire world in such a short amount of time.

Unbelievers have often scoffed at some of the prophecies in Revelation that speak of sudden, world-wide, cataclysmic events as being far-fetched, even impossible. Well, not anymore. We are living an apocalyptic Netflix drama! If an invisible, microscopic virus can do this, imagine what the supernatural and direct hand of God can do! No need to imagine; Revelation 6-19 lays it out.

I wonder if Americans are built for this. I don’t particularly see our culture as one of toughness and stamina to endure a whole lot of discomfort and sacrifice. I wonder how long we will put up with the shelter-in-place and lockdown mandates. I wonder how long our economy can survive in shut down mode. The government can’t bail out an entire economy. That’s like lifting yourself while sitting on a baseball bat.

Does God have our attention yet? For most, it seems He doesn’t, and that’s truly frightening, but not the least unexpected. It happened in the days of Noah. The masses will refuse to repent during the Tribulation, so why would we think a virus will do it now?

People flaunt the social distancing recommendations and then end up infected. Revelers head to the beach or bar or Mardi Gras and — boom — thousands are infected and hundreds more die.

Even from well-meaning politicians and government leaders, all we will hear is “We can beat it,” “We have the greatest doctors” and, “We have the best scientists; together, we will be victorious.” Sounds like Tower of Babel talk to me.

Instead, I’d love to see a national leader with tears in his or her eyes, calling on their nation to repent, humble themselves and call out to God Almighty for mercy. To say, “Folks, this is beyond us. We don’t truly know what we are dealing with or what we are doing. Join me in prayer, …”

Yes, we all have a role to play (because God uses means), but this should be in dependence upon God, not the wisdom of man or the arm of flesh. Of course, a godly president saying what should be said in such a crisis would be crucified by the liberal, God-rejecting media.

On a positive note, I’m seeing way more families out walking the neighborhood and parks. Moms, dads, little kids … that’s a blessing!

I’m seeing and hearing of churches getting creative in ways to connect and encourage. As a preacher, I feel the Word of God is coming alive for us in ways we haven’t experienced collectively in my lifetime. We normally have around 250 sermon views on our archived livestream. March 22’s sermon has over a thousand! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Take a moment to pray for Mayor Blackburn, Judge Kelly, Governor Abbott and President Trump in line with I Timothy 2:1-8. God, give wisdom, discernment and courage! Amen.

Chris McKnight is pastor/teacher of Kerrville Bible Church since 2000. His column appears bi-weekly in The Kerrville Daily Times, and he loves to hear from his readers at

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