Daylight Savings Time — some like it and some don’t. I absolutely love the “Fall Back” day. Not for the extra hour of sleep, but for the extra hour of getting things accomplished. 

My husband always laughs at me, but he does lovingly indulge me by not changing any clocks until it’s time to go to bed for the night on Sunday. 

Several times during the day, I say it’s “whatever time it is on the clock,” then joyfully and mostly in a loud voice say, “No, it’s really an hour earlier.” I love getting the chance all day to have a new beginning over and over again. I get so motivated with those small moments of extra time and so enjoy the peace of not feeling rushed. 

So, in retrospect, over my many years of “Fall Back” days, I guess I have always enjoyed the chance to start something new and feel excitement about what the next hour holds for me. 

I challenge everyone, myself included, to have that type of attitude every day. Just think about what we would be able to accomplish and the inspiration to do new things. When I got in my car on Monday to come to the office, my clock was still on the old time. So, I got a special blessing that morning of an extra hour once again. I might just leave it that way!

Speaking of new perspectives and new adventures, please join the Dietert Center Travel Department on some exciting trips in December. Cross the ocean to celebrate Christmas on the Danube from Dec. 2 through Dec. 10, or stay in the Hill Country for a performance of  “A Christmas Carol” at the Fredericksburg Theater on Dec. 13, or take a river boat cruise to view the Christmas lights on the river in San Antonio on Dec. 19. 

Then, celebrate New Year’s with a “Getaway to California,” set for Dec. 29 through Jan. 2. 

If you really want to expand your horizons in 2020, we will be facilitating trips to Greece; Washington, D.C.; Branson, Missouri; New Orleans, Louisiana; Poland; La Belle Seine Cruise, featuring Normandy and Paris; and The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum on Kentucky. The ark trip is a repeat of a trip we took last year; we had such great reviews, we decided to do it again.

As with any trip, check with Dorothy or any of our wonderful travel volunteers to learn more, and always remember to sign up soon, because our trips usually fill up fast.


We have lots of Club Ed activities coming up in December, such as Buying Your First Handgun for two sessions on Dec. 7 and 9, and Cute as a Button Cardmaking on Dec. 14, Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013 for three sessions on Dec. 11, 13 and 15, Medicaid Qualification for Long-term Care on Dec. 12, and Elder Law & Medicaid for Long-term Care on Dec. 14. Sign up soon to reserve your spots for these fun and informational classes.

There is still time to purchase your tickets for “An Evening to Remember,” at 7 p.m. Saturday at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary, 321 Thompson Drive. 

A wide array of desserts and a coffee bar reception will follow the event. Tickets are $25.

This event, featuring renowned pianist Don Irwin, will benefit our Dementia Care Advocates program and will honor the memory of John Iman on his birthday. 

Iman was a great friend to Dementia Care Advocates, as he was instrumental in the founding of the program in honor of his late wife, Joan. 

Don’s music ranging from the classics to show tunes and original compositions. 

While playing, Irwin communicates the sentiments of his heart and tells the stories behind each selection. 

Irwin’s mother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease, so our DCA cause is close to his heart. 


Remember that anyone, of any age, can participate in classes or eat lunch at the center. 

We are serving pulled pork today, beef tips on Friday, citrus baked chicken on Monday,

healthy baked fish on Tuesday and Italian beef and pasta on Wednesday. 

Don’t forget to order your Thanksgiving pies by Nov. 20.

Brenda Thompson is the executive director of the Dietert Center.

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