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When people think of protecting the Guadalupe River, or rivers in general, pollution is often the first threat that comes to mind. There is no arguing that keeping our waterways free of trash, pet waste and hazardous materials is important; however, there are additional factors that play lar…

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I hope all the dads, and those that stepped in as dads, had a great Father’s Day on Sunday. I had a great dad, and I surely miss him. My husband, Curtis, is a great dad to his son, Andrew, an extra dad to Trey and R.J. and an extra special dad to my two girls. He has shown them love and supp…

Texas is a large, diverse state and plants that work for one region may not always be the best choice in a different region. The Native Plant Society of Texas created the N.I.C.E. Native Plant Partners program to help nurseries offer natives that are right for the local environment.

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a local veteran who told me that he needed assistance with filing a benefit claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I provided him with information on who to contact to get assistance that would be free of charge to him.

Baseball has long been considered the “National Pastime;” although, there are those who believe that football is now No. 1.