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Kerrville has many great advantages and is well positioned for future growth and development. Despite these advantages, we have a significant shortcoming. We have a shallow labor pool and extremely limited housing options for those wishing to have a career in our community.

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President Donald Trump’s speech on Iran will not go down in memory as eloquent or inspiring — but it gave the world what it needed most: an opportunity for de-escalation. The U.S. president was unquestionably speaking to many audiences, and most should be more pleased than upset by what they heard.

What a strange last couple of weeks we’ve had. Work for two days, then relax, work for two more days, then relax, then all over again the next week. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get back in to a rhythm. 

My favorite columnist, WSJ’s Peggy Noonan, thus titled her recent column, which posed questions for Republican supporters. I will give some answers and comments. 

So much of our daily communication is cocktail party conversation without the cocktails: shallow ramblings about the weather, recent medical procedures or political rants.

My life has been anything but normal for quite some time now. I have discovered that walking with God is anything but boring and normal.

I recently watched a TV special on Ted Turner. He is best known for winning the American’s Cup yacht race in his early years and as the founder of the first all-news TV channel, CNN. But he is best known by most people today as being very very wealthy and as being an avid conservationist and…

The end of this month will mark the 50th anniversary of a significant event in my life. I began service in the U.S. Army on Sept. 30, 1969.

Have you heard about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) or as another put it, Modern Magical Theory? This is what allows candidates to promise virtually unlimited government spending without ill effects on our currency, our standard of living or our liberty. It’s based on these assumptions:

One great pleasure of writing is receiving thoughtful comment from people of wide-ranging life experience; these are responses to various columns:

Don’t be alarmed by the chemical equations accompanying this column, you don’t need to understand the chemistry. But it is important that everyone understand the basics of photosynthesis and how carbon is cycled and recycled in the ecosystem. First photosynthesis.

Several weeks ago, a kind person in Oakland, California, contacted me via email, saying he’d purchased an old scrapbook from 1938-39, which contained photographs, news clippings and football programs from Schreiner Institute.

Anyone who has been reading my column for very long probably already knows I have a real problem with exotics. Previously, on a trip to the Texas Coast and South Texas, I saw, again, the problems presented by many invasive plant species. 

Congresswomen who chastise our border control people for the horrendously crowded and inadequate housing of would-be immigrants need to be called out. Congress is responsible for this mess! For months, Congress turned a deaf ear to cries from the border for help in dealing with the overwhelm…

Time for my sesquiannual purge of ideas that don’t rise to column-worthiness.

WASHINGTON -- For decades, Catholic Democratic politicians have been justifying their pro-choice position by telling us that they were personally opposed to abortion but could not impose their religious view on others. For most, the argument was a fig leaf to justify their shameful failure t…

I love my cat Bucky. I have always had a cat, throughout my life, but I will not have another. Bucky is a wonderful cat. He has always let my granddaughter drag him around upside down and likes to hang out with the dog. He sleeps indoors for hours but loves to prowl around outside. He keeps …

The Kerrville Sports Commission was recently organized by the Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau, comprised of managers and/or staff members from various Kerrville sports entities.

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine oneself in outer space observing the people of this planet, most of them just trying to get along as their leaders pursue grandiose dreams collide with other ambitions. Moves and counter-moves are like a complicated international game of chess, with the added da…

While going through my collection of historic Kerr County photographs this week, I found some negatives that I’d never scanned. I could tell they were photographs of construction. Intrigued, I put them in the scanner to find out what they were.

An impervious surface is any surface on the Earth that rainwater cannot penetrate and soak into native soil, thus not being available for vegetation or to replenish aquifers. Basically, we are talking about roofs of all kinds, as well as concrete and asphalt pavements for roads and parking lots.

As we’ve listened to the hateful exchanges between President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the two most powerful people of our country, we think, “This is not leadership. This shames us in the eyes of the world and undermines everything we try to do as leading country of the free world.”

In January 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that “insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic” linked to everything from vehicle crashes, industrial disasters and chronic diseases ranging from hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity and even cancer. 

Driving in my car, I listened to a news station report on the June 6 D-Day celebrations commemorating the day of the Normandy landings — initiating the Western Allied effort to liberate western Europe from Nazi Germany. 

The beautiful and well-known 500-acre Mo-Ranch camp and conference center in Hunt had a problem. Children from the Rio Grande Valley have not been attending its camps in any recognizable numbers. Why?

“Unfortunately, the U.S. media have become a positive hindrance to public understanding, reducing everything to a binary question of believers vs. deniers, good guys vs. bad guys. Here’s the sad truth: This narrative is mostly an invention of journalists. It relieves them of having to unders…

I can’t count the number of times I have heard someone say they want to make their landscape “look natural,” only to then describe their view of a “natural” landscape or show me a picture or invite me to come see for myself, and it turns out to be, in my opinion, anything but natural.

I’ll bet many of you have driven through the town of Hye, Texas, and not even realized you were passing by a 100-year-old dance hall. I know I’ve made that journey between Stonewall and Johnson City countless times, and only had eyes for the old Post Office perched on the southeast corner of…

One of the questions I often get asked around town is: What happens on campus when students leave for the summer?  The assumption is that the campus becomes a sort of ghost town shortly after commencement, and those of us who remain on campus enjoy several months of leisurely coffee drinking…

Last week’s fascinating glimpse into the lives of hummingbirds led to another compelling story regarding the lengths people go to, trying to save them when threatened.

I nearly always limit my columns to discussions specifically about the Hill Country, but after watching a TV documentary some time ago about conditions in the Americas before Columbus, I thought a few observations about the larger area would be of interest.

Of the men listed on the Kerr County War Memorial, I personally knew only one, and while every soldier listed on that monument left a painful gap in our community when they died, torn away from their families and friends, it’s that young man I think of first on this holiday.

We’ve all heard variations on the notion that the world is comprised of “two kinds of people.” Coke people and Pepsi people. Dog people and cat people. Beach people and mountain people. You get the idea. 

High pressure is located east of our area across the Deep South. This will draw a very steady flow of Gulf moisture into our area for the next few days. Rain chances, in general, are not impressive locally. With that said, it’s not zero percent. Keep an eye to the skies as we enter the tail …

I first came to the Texas Hill Country in 1978. Yet I’d never visited Castell. Last weekend, I fixed that. The Castell General Store — which is essentially Castell — was celebrating its Testicle Festival. As auspicious an event as any for finding out what a place is all about.

WASHINGTON — America is going through a period of deep contradictions. The economy grew at a robust rate of 3.2 percent in the first three months of 2019. But a recent voter poll found that a majority of voters believe it’s mainly benefiting the people in power, not them.