Bluebell Hills Fourth of July parade


More than 200 children participated in the 2019 Bluebell Hills neighborhood bicycle parade, traditionally held on the 4th of July weekend. This year, organizers are hoping for greater participation on Saturday, July 3, starting at 9 a.m.

“With all those glorious kids and with that big red fire truck, we know we’ll have an enthusiastic response from the residents on their porches, cheering us along the gentle hills of our historic, post-World War II neighborhood,” said Katy Kappell, one of the directors of the event.

Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn and Rev. John Wheat will be there to open the parade, and city councilperson Roman Garcia will signal the start. Garcia’s family has been a part of the parade for many years as residents of Bluebell Hills.

“My family and I have participated for many years in the parade,” said Garcia. “I am honored to be involved, and it is a great thing that they do. I encourage everyone in the community to come out and be a part of this celebration.”

“Those joining the line are encouraged to wear costumes or anything that adds fun to the atmosphere, as long as it’s appropriate to the event,” Kappell said. “No motorized bikes, please. If you don’t have a bike, it’s okay to walk, or even push a baby stroller, just join in.”

The Kerrville Fire Department will be lending a truck to lead the parade along two routes. The parade will start on Bluebell Street next to Trinity Baptist Church and will wind through the neighborhood, finally arriving back at the intersection of Bluebell Street and Jackson Road, for about a mile in length. 

For those wanting to participate by walking the parade route but to take it a bit easier, there is a shorter route. After the parade leaves the church, it will travel along Bluebell Street, turning left on Cypress Street, right on Bluebonnet Drive, then back to Bluebell Street, which is where the short route changes. Those who want to take that route can turn right on Bluebell Street and head back to the church, which is about half of the length of the regular parade.

As the main parade continues on, it will turn left on Bluebell Street, proceed to Lake Drive, turning right and heading for Culbertson Avenue, turning right again. Another right on Bluebonnet Drive, followed by a left on Bluebell Street and the parade will be back to the Trinity Baptist Church.

“No matter your age, no matter where you live, come on, join the Independence weekend bike parade through Bluebell Hills,” said Kappell. “It is set for Saturday, July 3, starting at Trinity Baptist Church on Jackson Road at Bluebell Street.”

Trinity Baptist Church is providing parking for the event and will be distributing frozen treats to all participants at the end of the parade, said Kappell.

“We are hoping for more than we had in 2019,” said Martha Hix, one of the sponsors of the parade. “It would be wonderful to have 300 or 400 kids on their bikes this year. It doesn’t cost anybody anything to be in the parade, so we hope they come out and join in.”

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