Mowgli has much to be thankful for this year. 

His was one of the worst abuse and neglect cases some local volunteers had ever seen.

Believed to be 5 years old and used as a bait dog, he was surrendered to the county shelter earlier in November with severe injuries and obtained surgery at AWS Freeman-Fritts Animal Shelter & Clinic. With the help of volunteers with Kerrville Pets Alive, he was adopted and now will spend Thanksgiving with a family who loves and cares for him. 

“He is doing great in his recovery from surgery and is truly one of the most loving dogs one could meet,” according to a statement from KPA. 

Mowgli was underweight and needs to gain another 15-20 pounds — just in time for Thanksgiving. 

“Due to his love of puppaChinos and food, we aren’t concerned about him getting back to a healthy weight,” reads the KPA statement.

Another dog, Red, was saved this month from a life of deprivation on the streets. When he was rescued and placed at the Kerr County animal facility, he had a severe eye injury that normally might have worsened his chances of survival. But Kerrville Pets Alive donated funds to have the bad eye removed and found a temporary foster home for him.

“The foster wept today when he went to his new home,” said KPA President Karen Guerriero on Nov. 16. “She is incredibly thankful for her foster experience, and we are so thankful he found the perfect home.”

Also rescued recently were three puppies who had been abandoned at City Park in Ingram. The Ingram Police Department rescued the pups, who are in the care of the county animal shelter. To find out how to adopt the dogs, call the shelter at 830-257-3100.


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