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Albert “Pat” Pattillo has thrown in his hat for the 216th Judicial District Judge opening.

“These days especially, there tends to be a lowering of trust in our judicial system of government in general,” Pattillo said. “I think we have the greatest legal system in the world. I’ve been proud to be a part of it in every way.”

 The current district judge, N. Keith Williams, recently announced that he will not be running for re-election, which spurred on Pattillo to run for the position. Pattillo said it’s important to him to follow the example Williams has laid out.

 Pattillo has practiced law for 30 years, but this will be his first time running for elected public office. After serving as an assistant district attorney in Harris County and an assistant U.S. attorney in the southern district of Texas in the Houston Division, his family moved to Kerrville in 1995.

“I think what drew us to the area is still a wonderful part of the area today,” Pattillo said. “Besides the natural beauty and resources, I think the people are very special. Texas is special — we have a lot of state pride. I think the Texas Hill Country is the crown jewel of the state.”

In Kerrville, Pattillo remains with a private practice that soon grew to include  Greg Richards and Pattillo’s best friend, Stephen Harpold. Together, they formed Pattillo, Richards and Harpold, P.C. Most of their practice has been in the 198th and 216th districts and is concentrated around family law, criminal defense, civil litigation and mediation.

“Some of the more important lessons beyond the practical — being in front of lots of judges and lots of juries and dealing with lots of lawyers from all over the state — is just a sense of serving others and treating others fairly and respectfully, no matter what brings them before the court,” Pattillo said.

Kerwin Overby, certified public accountant and shareholder at Davidson, Freedle, Espenhover, and Overby, P.C., will serve as Pattillo’s campaign treasurer.

”I’m still pretty energetic and I have a great practice and a great partner,” Pattillo said. “Thinking of moving on from that is distressing — I love what I do with my law firm, but I really do enjoy public service. ... (Williams) a good judge and I hope to follow him.”

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Mr. Pattillo, thank you very much for entering the race for the 216th Judge. The citizens of Kerr County have had a difficult and undeserved run with local Judges and DA’s in recent history. We have had a DA and sitting Judge prosecute and rule on forfeiture cases, and then steal the money. We have had a DA form a shakedown crew to patrol IH10 for misdemeanor traffic violations in hopes of seizing cash and other assets to pay their high salaries. We have had ultra-punitive sentences for the underclass while the GOB’s receive a light wrist slap for comparable or worse crimes, to name just a few of the problems. This degree of crime / malfeasance from the trial courts is not normal. The good folks of Kerr County deserve better, and I hope you will be white knight this county needs so badly.

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