Desmond Calamaco


An 18-year-old Kerrville marijuana dealer is going to prison after violating probation on several felony charges.

Desmond Kane Calamaco appeared before District Judge Melvin “Rex” Emerson Jr. on Friday and admitted to violating several probation agreements stemming from plea deals from July 2019, when he pleaded guilty to stealing a firearm, two counts of delivering ¼ ounces to 5 pounds of marijuana in a drug free zone, manufacturing or delivering 4-400 grams of THC, manufacturing or delivering less than 1 gram of THC. At that time, before Judge Susan Harris, he also pleaded guilty to possessing less than 2 ounces of marijuana. 

On Friday, Calamaco was given various concurrent sentences totaling 10 years in prison, although 123 days were credited to his sentence for time he spent in the county jail awaiting trial. Emerson also ordered Calamaco to pay $3,585 in various court fees. 

Calamaco admitted to violating probation by dealing THC in November 2019, possessing marijuana the same month and committing the offense of criminal trespass in August 2019, according to court records. Calamaco also admitted to violating probation by using THC and alcohol in August 2019. He also tested positive for THC twice in September 2019. Calamaco also failed to submit to drug tests four times and failed to pay $413 in court costs, $2,000 in fines, $1,12 for his court appointed attorney and $300 in probation fees. 

Calamaco was in the county jail Tuesday apparently awaiting trial on his misdemeanor criminal trespassing case. He has a hearing scheduled for Feb. 4 before Harris, according to court records.

The agencies that participated in investigating and prosecuting Calamaco include the Kerrville Police Department and the 198th District Attorney's Office.

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