Mitch Lambdin is touting his experience as he  announced his intent to run for Kerr County sheriff in 2020.

Lambdin is a retired sergeant from the Los Angeles Police Department. In his 30 years of police experience, Lambdin worked under the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, lead a 16-officer bomb detection K-9 unit and was the officer in charge of a large gang unit in the Watts District of south Los Angeles.

He also served as a watch commander in southeast Los Angeles for more than a decade, commanding roughly 90 police personnel in a high-crime, urban area with a population of around 100,000 residents.

“I had to learn to be flexible and realize that things aren’t (always) going to go the way you expect them,” Lambdin said. “(I learned) how to manage people, consider their personal lives and how it affects our scheduling, all those kinds of things. Sometimes there are tragic things we have to deal with and build community support.”

When Lambdin heard that Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer will soon retire, he decided to run to rejoin the workforce.

“I just kind of missed being in law enforcement,” he said.

Part of Lambdin’s philosophy as sheriff would be to ensure that all of the law enforcement and allied agencies in Kerr County are working well together to enhance the public safety of Kerr County and to include community involvement and transparency at the highest levels possible, he said.

“(I want to be) accountable to the voter so that they know what I’m working on and to try to be much more transparent in what we’re doing — obviously within law enforcement limits,” Lambdin said.

He said that four years ago, he and his wife chose Kerr County to relocate their family of six because of the positive environment, family values and outstanding quality of life, and he would like to help to maintain that environment.

“My favorite thing is the people of Kerr County,” Lambdin said. “I cannot believe how many people said, ‘We’re glad you’re here,’ or ‘It’s nice to know you.’ I thought, ‘Is this for real?’ But it just kept happening. The people here are the absolute nicest, most genuine people I have ever encountered.”

Since moving to the area, Lambdin has been involved at Notre Dame Catholic Church, serves on the council for Notre Dame Catholic School and volunteers as a donation pick-up driver for the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop in Kerrville.

Through his training more than 400 personnel, overseeing a jail and visits from the U.S. president and working security at big events such as the Grammy Awards, Lambdin has more than 150 commendations, one of which includes being recognized by the Department of Homeland Security for his response to the active shooter incident at Los Angeles International Airport on Nov. 1, 2013.

For more information, go to Mitch4Sheriff.com.

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In very likely event that you are unable to obtain support from the extended Schreiner Family, the MacDonald Companies/Mosty extended family and the first pew clique at First United Methodist Church, I ask that you consider running an opposition / reform campaign. Some issues that would fall into a reform platform would include discontinuing incarceration of prisoners from other counties for fees, which has been harmful to Kerr County. The unused portion of our overbuilt jail could be mothballed until such time as we need the space. We could cut costs by following the lead of Bexar and Travis Counties and stop jailing marijuana offenders for misdemeanor possession as well, and of course arrest the river confiscators who defy the AG’s order to remove obstructions of public waterways. Running against the GOB’s hand-picked candidate without establishing a distinct difference will be futile, and believe me there will be a GOB backed candidate for this most powerful and important office. Having the Sheriff as their ally has been the “mother’s milk” of this political machine. Perhaps you should prepare for a fight against the establishment. I think you can win this election.


Mr. Lambin, Perhaps your campaign slogan should be “tear down the fence”, in reference to the illegal Lynx Haven crossing electrified fence spanning the Guadalupe River, which privatizes a public waterway for the sole and exclusive use of the local Bosses. This issue has been adjudicated all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, and still the fence remains, acting as a giant billboard, putting all on notice where the real power in this county lies. The fence is a clear statement that the Sheriff, DA and Judges are second in command in this County. I don’t think you can win this election without confronting the GOB’s, as they will not back you because you are an outsider, so you might as well run as a reform candidate. Arresting those responsible for this fence would serve as a powerful symbol, clearly announcing there is a new Sheriff in town. The timing is right for this action, as the culture is changing and the GOB’s are trying to hang on to a 20th Century model that is destined to fail. Opportunity is calling. We need equal protection under the law.


Thank you for the valuable insight. I will look into that issue soon. I can assure you integrity and transparency if elected. I would love to discuss things further. Please consider coming to my "Meet & Greet" event this Thursday at the Museum of Western Art, anytime between 5:30 and 8:30PM. Mitch


Mr. Lambdin, thank you very much for entering the contest. I think your experience in Los Angeles is very strong asset. A new Sheriff from another State, without deep rooted local ties can only be good for our community. Kerr County has a tradition of compromised LE and trial courts, which have been influenced by large ranching families, fixers and transplants who bring in large bankrolls. Justice has always been for sale in Kerr County, with the harshest punishment reserved for the underclass. If you are not up to speed on our checkered history, I suggest you review “The State of Texas vs Gustav Schreiner” as a starter.

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